Latest version is: 1.3.2
Latest Windows version is: 1.3.0-2
Latest OS X version is: 1.3.2
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Luola is a 2D arcade game where you fly a small V shaped ship in different kinds of levels. It's genre "Luolalentely" (Cave-flying) is (or was) very popular here in Finland. Though cavern-flying games are not originally Finnish, nowdays most of them are.

Luola is largely inspired by V-Wing, my favourite cave-flying game. While V-Wing's graphics might not have been flashy, they were crisp and clear, and the playability and choice of weapons was superb. This is also my aim with Luola, not too much eye-candy, but solid playability.



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To compile Luola, you need the following libraries: Luola can also use these optional libraries:


Download Luola 1.3.0 (stable) source code
This is the stable Luola release. Get this one if you don't want to worry about incomplete features or bugs. Important bugfixes are backported from the development branch. Currently two patches are available.

Download Luola 1.3.2 (development version) source code
The development version contains new features and code cleanups that might make Luola more unstable. Get the development version if you are interested in hacking Luola or just want to try out the new features. Please read the release notes for this version.

Download Luola 1.3.0-2 for Windows
This package contains the Luola binary, datafiles and the standard level pack. Requires SDL DLLs. You can download them from the SDL homepage, or just get this pack of required DLLs.

Download Luola 1.3.2 for OS X
Mac OS X build contributed by Daniel Kotowski. Requires OS X 10.4.


This patch fixes a file handle leak.

This patch fixes the "last player must land to win" level ending mode. A bug in draw_line that could crash the game when not using SDL_gfx was fixed. Also applies to luola 1.3.1.


To install a levelpack, untar it directly into Luola's level directory. This can be the global level directory (usually /usr/local/share/luola/levels/) or your home Luola directory (~/.luola/levels/).

Levelpack Version Number of levels
Standard level pack 6.0 6
Nostalgia 1.2 4

If you are interested in making your own levels, you can take a look at my level making howto. It describes how I made the Bunker level in the standard level pack.

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