Odds and ends

Here is a collection of miscellaneous little programs I've written. These are not maintained (or are updated only sporadically), but might still be of some use to someone.


[Animated screenshot]

This is a little SDL based utility to generate text animations in the style of old DOS prompts. I used it to create the ending credit sequence for a student film project. The output can displayed on screen for testing or written out as a series of TGA images.

Download animtext.

Powermate Qt

A tiny test program for the Griffin Powermate built with Qt. Uses the powermate driver in the Linux kernel. Update input.cpp to point to your powermate device.

Download pmqt.

Qt4 tablet test

A Qt4 based test program for tablets. Simply displays a window and prints out all tablet events to stdout. Useful for checking whether Qt is properly compiled with wacom support.

Download qt4tablettest.

Ridiculously simple PHP templates

A quick and dirty PHP templating "engine" in just about two dozen lines of code.

Take a look at the code.

Remote control server

A simple set of python scripts for controlling Amarok, Mplayer and Gwenview via commands received via UDP socket. Can be easily extended to support other media players as well. Useful together with UIRD.

Download remote server